Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lovers Silence Agony

Silence says or bears no sound.
More than angry words; lovers hate.
Feels like as if one has drowned.
While holding onto a burning grate.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Longing & A Proposal

(I have written this poem as a sequel to "Why?")

The sky is gray-somber.
It rained yesterday.
Small droplets, still clinging
to the green edges of pine, fall.
Seeking salvation on her skin,
they touch her like a ghost.
She shivers, every time she is
proposed to like this.
She is proposed to again, and again,
and again...cruel drops.

Her white warm sigh,
is devoured by the cold mist.
She gently turns her
head to the side.
Only to find the shoulder
of an oak bench
holding on to her memory…

She sways her hand
gently over “June you are my soul.”
He carved it for her there.
She engraved it on her heart.
Why? She asks and waits
hoping to get an answer
from somewhere...anywhere.
The evening grows colder.
She closes her eyes, breathes deep.
She gets up to leave
And finds herself lost.
She shivers.

She is proposed to again...insane drops.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


A biting chill.
But the unwillingness persists.
Determined to see the first rays of sun,
lighting the golden face of pine flooded mountain upfront,
hands are gently swayed
over the white powdery sea lying at the feet.
Devouring the shins a pointing focused pain is born,
but the eyes lay greedy as ever.
To see the colors that have not been painted;
crouching tightly over a cold stone;
only sound that breaks the silence
is that of the biting teeth.
The first bird chirps,
and then lies quiet for a while
as she find herself in a place complete unknown.
White powdery sea lying under her nest.
First rays of the sun breaks the tear
into a thousand different colors.
Smell of the maiden, virgin snow
sweet as ever...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Insanity's Contradiction

(I tried to listen to an almost incomprehensible mentally challenged young girl. God Bless Her…)

Uphold the reverence
For the mortal words,

Who lose their battle

to the grave, everyday.

Embrace those feelings
Shying away in the darkness.

Acquainted only with the

Shadows on the wall.

Pity the pain

Entrapped in the tears.

Those tortured blue eyes

Lay virgin no more.

Disgusted by their sights

She falls in love with death

“Suicide demands conscience”

Insanity contradicts.

Suicide Note

Crucify me. Let me bleed to death.
This is not the life I craved for.
Let this burn leave an everlasting mark
On the frontiers of an unknown domain of life.
Doubt my own conscience.
Concise the feelings of my shadows
In the words-torment, hate, anger, pity.
Why should someone pity me?
When I cannot pity myself.
Hating hate with hate.
Tormenting hate with hate.
Agape all stand, ready to butcher me,
When I hate death with hate.
Cut my life into pieces.
Shatter my heart down to tears.
Slay my soul, slay it again.
I have seen myself, so I tell them the same.
Suicide is the remedy of pain.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Only a trail is left.
Imprints marked
On the broken grass.
I know why she.
Took this path.
She wants to steal
some moments from the time.
The wind asks her questions...
The dew is set sparkling
In the morning light.
I touch the drops
Lying on the green.
Fragile! they break
In my palm and scatter.
They are soft, innocent & warm.
They are her tears.
Her tears are set sparkling
In the morning light.
I wander deep,
into the woods.
Ballads of the birds
Is why the whole forest
Echoes with laughter.
A feet wide path
Is a mile long.
I walk with heavy feet
As I near the silent stream.
And there she sits
With her hands gently
Kissing the water.
She makes no effort
To wipe the tears
That run down her face.
She looks at me
And softly says.
"Why do you have to leave?"
Her eyes beg me to stay.
My heart begs me to stay
She keeps her head
On my shoulder and whispers
A whisper that only
Wind can hear

Monday, April 28, 2008

Epiphany: Amour Habito Intus Vos: poemflesh

Epiphany: Amour Habito Intus Vos: poemflesh

A Dedication...

( These lines are dediated to a very close friend who has made an impression on me. All I want to say is Thank You from the bottom of my heart)

Sonnet of the white.
Fragrance of the snow.
Music of your touch
is all I want to know.
Promise of the silence.
And I hear you speak.
When the moment comes,
more to eyes, you meet.

Short is the meaning
of human friends.
Tribute to beauty
where coffins end.
Even the burning passion
shuts the chill of death.
On dusty bones, what lovers waste
is his breath.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Words Cry

You are my song
and all the things I feel.
You are my smile,
my pain, my heal.
You are my life,
my truth, my lie.
But I don't know why
My words cry.

The Season of Love

I want to paint your picture
In the snowfall.
I want to ask my questions
To the leaves in autumn.
Why does spring sing your songs
And the rain call your name?
I want to paint your picture
In the snowfall again.
I want to profess my love
In that endless winter night,
And kiss you when I see your face
Sparkling in the moonlight.
My love for you, will remain,
In all seasons the same.
And I want to paint your picture
In the snowfall again.

Monday, February 18, 2008


(This poem is about a place called KASAULI in Himachal. Went there for a trip and fell in love :). The picture is of the church mentioned in the lines)

The old grey church
Steals all my words.
Morning wind composes
A new song.
Come hold my hand
Don't whisper a thing.
As the red brick road
Sings along.

Poets Who Blog: Do You Support PWB?

Poets Who Blog: Do You Support PWB?
yes, this was the kind of a group i was looking for. nice effort.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Wooden Bridge

(this poem is about a wooden bridge on which two lovers meet every night)

Sharing the burden,
Of a waiting heart.
I feel her tears
And their warmth.
Alone in the night,
She stands for hours.
Stamping me sometimes,
Sometimes gazing at the stars.
She refuses to talk,
When he is late.
Leaves me wondering,
The purpose of the wait.
But here romance is born
Pure as moonlight,
When she lies in his arms
And they dance away the night.
Dawn parts them with a kiss,
And a promise to meet again.
Even if the sky is dark.
Or they have to dance in the rain.

Kiss From A Rose

Kiss from of a rose
On my grave.
Anguished words
Are lost in dust.
And every tear that will
Roll down your eyes
Is going to make me
Cry again.

A Mile Away...

There she stands
A mile away.
As beautiful as ever.
Holding her silence,
Saving her words.
Almost a whisper,
that only the wind can hear.
She knows my name.
I know her fragrance.
I can feel her touch
On my soul, saving me
From who I was before.
She never asked for my love,
But that is all I have to give.
I see truth in her eyes,
In me she believes.
The horizon changes
And stars disappear.
The sunset is somber,
As the sky cries my tears.
But she is still there.
Standing a mile away,
As beautiful as ever.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


The first golden leaf
Touches the ground.
The gods of autumn
Are marked with rust.
The sky turns copper and
Trees howl in loneliness.
The mist starts its journey.
Let there be August.