Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Only a trail is left.
Imprints marked
On the broken grass.
I know why she.
Took this path.
She wants to steal
some moments from the time.
The wind asks her questions...
The dew is set sparkling
In the morning light.
I touch the drops
Lying on the green.
Fragile! they break
In my palm and scatter.
They are soft, innocent & warm.
They are her tears.
Her tears are set sparkling
In the morning light.
I wander deep,
into the woods.
Ballads of the birds
Is why the whole forest
Echoes with laughter.
A feet wide path
Is a mile long.
I walk with heavy feet
As I near the silent stream.
And there she sits
With her hands gently
Kissing the water.
She makes no effort
To wipe the tears
That run down her face.
She looks at me
And softly says.
"Why do you have to leave?"
Her eyes beg me to stay.
My heart begs me to stay
She keeps her head
On my shoulder and whispers
A whisper that only
Wind can hear

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