Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Insanity's Contradiction

(I tried to listen to an almost incomprehensible mentally challenged young girl. God Bless Her…)

Uphold the reverence
For the mortal words,

Who lose their battle

to the grave, everyday.

Embrace those feelings
Shying away in the darkness.

Acquainted only with the

Shadows on the wall.

Pity the pain

Entrapped in the tears.

Those tortured blue eyes

Lay virgin no more.

Disgusted by their sights

She falls in love with death

“Suicide demands conscience”

Insanity contradicts.


  1. heartbreaking, good for you for
    lending an ear and a heart to
    this young girl.

  2. wow.. this is nice. by the way. thanks for leaving comments on my posts. have a good day!

  3. @ cynthia
    thank you..only thing i am afraid is the fact that have i done justice to her feelings??

    thanks and u are welcome.