Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Three Seasons

(The image is one of my favorite places back home.)

Alas! The perch is empty now
The twitter has long gone
Stooping below the chastened brow
A creaky, withered, frozen rone.
Died, has the, jay and sparrow’s row?
Epithet: a brooding splintered stone.

Ah…the pompous springtide glee
Lads and lasses’ frolics on the sward.
They knot and knot…a gluttonous spree
Tête-à-tête! Sympathy begs the wasted lard.
Who shall care for the bauble vee?
Epithet: wisdom’s diadem of an ancient bard.

O The Carpet! Of twigs and twines
The whistle of the wind, high and proud.
Aloof stands golden forest lines
Dead and silent, though glittering loud.
How long for a chirp? O Time! O Time!
Epithet: Shadows fallen, hunched and bowed.


  1. Well-written!!! Keep them coming!!!

  2. that was quite lovely!!! thank you.

  3. liked it..though an exception to your usual writing style..but was good(especially the last para)..keep up the good wrk..god bless

  4. I liked the Epithets. I like your selective use of descriptive language. It gives texture to the poem. Keep writing!!

  5. Hi Pradeep..
    you write really well..
    would you like to be a part of WriteUp Cafe.

  6. wow......fantastic